Craig Russell

Andreas & Naomi Kunert created the perfect complement to this home and its spectacular environment. I will enjoy this extraordinary work and the story it tells for many years to come.

Dr. and Mrs. J.D. Fitterer

Each rock is placed, almost guided, until magically a masterpiece is created, reflecting the very essence of the client.

Doug Backhouse

Working with design professionals such as landscape architects and structural engineers Andreas is careful to incorporate professional direction so that the art is safe, beautiful and responsible.

Karen Barrett

Congratulations! The beginning of an end and the end of the beginning of a life long journey

Kelly McInnes

What a beautiful, ephemeral and unique expression of life! A breath taking reflection of the human soul.

Professor Richard A. Conroy

Choosing and working with 50 ton pieces of stone, the artist must also accept responsibility of care and due diligence. Andreas does so with utmost professionalism.

Gregory & Joan Patton

It was not only a beautiful fireplace but an unbelievable sculpture that fit so perfectly into our bedroom and our cabin setting that it was as if the cabin had been designed around this great piece of nature.