I have watched Andreas over the past decade as he has continued to When we first met with Andreas in regards to what could and could not be done for our fireplace we were a bit apprehensive. Something so unique could not actually be done, or could it? Well it not only met our expectations but far exceeded them and actually went farther than that. It was not only a beautiful fireplace but an unbelievable sculpture that fit so perfectly into our bedroom and our cabin setting that it was as if the cabin had been designed around this great piece of nature. Andreas is a gifted Artist and Sculptor. As we watched him work we were amazed at his gift. We would not only recommend him for any sculpture but can guarantee you that the designs you see in his sketches are all possible. We used our fireplace all during the summer months that we spent in Canada. That may sound a little odd but the fireplace was so wonderful we could not just let it sit until winter. We are pleased to be able to recommend Andreas for any sculpture one might want. As well as pleased to have the first fireplace he ever carved from a block of stone. It is truly a beautiful functioning piece of art.

Gregory & Joan Patton

Mesa, Arizona, United States