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Creating artwork that inspires and elevates the soul.


Our stone fireplace artwork anchors your living space with beauty, nature and mystery.

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Rising Phoenix -door

Stone Doors

Our handmade mosaic stone doors ground a living/working space with soulful artistry and when crossing the threshold invites an atmosphere of intrigue.

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Interwoven ancient glacial pebbles, saucers and semi-precious stones, each piece is a moving testimony of your life and journey.

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Stone Circles

As ancient keepers of knowledge and conduits of energy, these megalithic stone beings anchor you to your land and surroundings.

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Our inspired stone artwork illuminates and elevates our clients to new awarenesses and dimensions of their sacred self.

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Crystal Bronze

Our handmade crystal bronze spas merge soulful artworks with age-old cleansing functions, creating an atmosphere of rejuvenation and healing at an entirely new level.

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