Our Truth

From ancient civilizations to current times, there have been identified in art, culture and architecture harmoniously proportioned shapes and repeating patterns known as the golden mean. We need only look deeply at the geometry found in nature, a flower blossom, the growth of a tree, a nautilus shell; we discover a perfection and an incredible order, that awakens in us a sense of our own inception, DNA, and form. Something reveals itself that is infinitely greater than we are and yet part of us: the limitless emerges from limits, a defined creative order bringing life to spirit. Our creative works flow naturally and intuitively from the basic founding principles and building blocks of all creation, through the golden mean.

Our inspiration flows directly from nature and the pure simple forms and rhythms that are inherent within the creative forces of the Earth. Our medium is stone which is both timeless and sustaining. The element and spirit of stone is the most ancient of all the kingdoms of the Earth. All of our most dated sites around the world are built from stone and contain an immortal and mysterious quality connected to the truth and flow of nature; what is known today as sacred geometry.

Our works have the whole creative vibration, both masculine and feminine creating portals and spirit doorways just as the ancient arts of stone seen in our many cultures throughout time. We are re-awakening the ancient art of stone. Each piece awakens within the beholder their own connection to sacred geometry, the All within and without, to all time and essence of being.  There is an awakening of consciousness in this ever changing time in every aspect of what and who we are as humans on this evolutionary journey of the soul. You may say there is a holistic transformation that takes place to behold the perfection that is within self and all things. The perfect and pure vibration of spirit immortal and everlasting.

Our intention is to re-awaken the spirit and wisdom of the ancient world; to renew peoples consciousness and awareness through our creative works of art; to create sacred spaces to help us remember; to feel our innate connection to the forces of creation within us and in nature; to bring honor, respect and sustainability to all conscious and sentient beings.

We, as artists, walk both in the physical and spiritual worlds. The doorway to the spiritual realm is opened through the depth of connection to our heart and what is felt, perceived and experienced then expressed through our artistic pieces. We create a portal, gate or doorway to the spiritual realm through our works of art not just for ourselves but all viewers, every being that has the openness, courage and purity of heart to feel and experience the other-side, the invisible realm, through our creative works.

“Come forth into the light of things, Let nature be your teacher.”
~ William Woodsworth ~