The Commission Process

The Commissions Process

Commissioning us to create a piece for you is an intriguing, collaborative process. As individuals and now as partners, we have worked over the past 20 years  with our clients synthesizing their input with our channeled knowing. Whether we are to create a piece of megalithic proportion or something more humble, we are flexible to accommodate your needs and budget.

The Commissioning Process

  • An initial consultation explores the general parameters of the request and allows for a preliminary estimate.
  • An on site consultation between yourself and one or both of us develops the parameters of the project: Location, scale, stone requirements and expectations are explored and budget established.
  • A non-refundable 10% design fee is paid to retain the design services of Andreas and Naomi. With this we create the initial design and find a concept acceptable to you. This design fee is part of the overall cost of any project.
  • Once a final design is agreed upon, a construction and payment schedule is determined.
  • A 50% installment is required for us to begin sourcing stone and commencing on our work.
  • Upon completion, and approval by yourself, the final payment is due before the piece can be shipped. Final payment for projects built on site are due upon completion.