The Ascended

25' high x 8' wide.

A fireplace commissioned by visionary clients, to complete a theme inspired by an ancient burial ground next to their home. It's flowing saucers representing a spirit doorway, culminate in a unique circular chimney on the roof.

A Dieu Robert

8' high x 8' wide

Part of an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area, this gas burning fireplace was created with stones from around the world.


This piece was carved from a granit boulder. The roots are forged in steel suspending the mantle free of the main fireplace stone. Suspended by chain on the left, is the counterweight for the fire-screen which rises into a hidden chamber inside the stone.    

The Rising

7' wide x 9' high

Basalt and various applications of Ocean Pearl are brought together in this public piece.

Prairie Fire

6' high x 8' wide

"Sail where your heart desires and know when to drop the anchor."
~ Unknown ~

Nanoose 1

9' wide x 10' high

This Tenino Sandstone fireplace was hand carved from two ten ton blocks and installed in a unique oceanfront home.


9' wide x 8' high

Commissioned in 2010 as a bedroom piece, situated in a unique mountaintop home.


8' wide x 30' high

Hand carved Quartzite block with a polished basalt hearth.