The Company

We, Naomi Zettl & Andreas Kunert, are partners in life and business. As two artists, our partnership is creative and dynamic, with complimentary gifts in observation, design, sculpture and business. Our specialty is to consult, design, & build functional art forms for private and public venues in the medium of stone. We work collaboratively with professional clients, architects, engineers, contractors and city planners and with individuals with a personal vision or quest. Our aspiration in coming together, is to create sacred spaces, portals and other connective works of art that allow our clients and viewers a visual glimpse of the other-side, what is invisible to our human eyes but felt within.

Our creative pieces evolve from synthesizing our client’s input with our own channeled knowing; data gathered from the site, the climate and essence of the patron; and our innate understanding and intuition of structure, stone, space and light. Working from within, we birth the growth of an idea resulting from the combination of these responses to a completed unique “design and build” concept which is an intimately personal portrait and reflection of the client’s soul.

Our products are sustainable, built to last and many can be shipped fully assembled directly to your project site. The stone we use is often from the mountains and valleys around around our home on Vancouver Island, while some accent pieces featured within our commissions are from intriguing global sources.

Every innovative piece is one of a kind and naturally, through its form, is connected to the great spiral, the ebb and flow of life. Every product is uniquely hand-crafted and a work of art. We are attune to the stone; each one choosing to be in a greater piece and each work choosing to come to a particular setting or home.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
~ Antoine De Saint-Exupéry~