Our story

Guided by our intuition and creative synthesis, we create legacy stone, crystal & bronze artworks

Synergy of Souls

Like the ancient stones joined in a stone circle, the bond of Andreas and Naomi was forged eons ago. Fate brought them together in this lifetime for an awe-inspiring purpose. With a complimenting synthesis of energy that honours each other’s gifts and abilities, they founded Ancient Art of Stone. Together they create one-of-a-kind stone, crystal and bronze artworks for individuals, businesses, public museums & art galleries. Their mission is to bring beauty, healing and inspiration through their functional art forms. They do this by creating inspired stone commissions which align people to their innate connection with their soul, life and the natural world. Their intention is to create a life transforming experience through this sacred stone art.

Andreas Kunert

Master Stone Artist

Having been raised from a bloodline of great artists and musicians from Germany. My unique artistic talents and ability to perceive the Fibonacci Sequence, has informed my perception of the world.

Sacred Geometry, the Golden Ratio 1.6180339887.

Observing this pattern in nature, in people and in stone has greatly influenced my life and my work.

Growing up in Vermont with little human contact, I was completely immersed in the great outdoors. Our lush summers with trout filled streams and minus 40-degree winters, taught me about beauty and hardship. This magical beginning inspired me to search the world for my place, my calling. Living in the Alps working as a photographer, mountaineer and extreme skier my outdoor adventures taught me about life and death, respect and humility. I lived in a world of heightened perception and awe. Self preservation drew me away from Switzerland, back to the mountains of Canada, where I started K2 Stone Quarries, on Vancouver Island, becoming the youngest ever Canadian commercial quarry owner. I grew the business to over 50 employees.

The simplicity of quarrying became unfulfilling and I embraced my deep desire to create beauty with stone, shifting to a career creating stone artworks.

Sacred Geometry now informed my career as an artist in natural stone. In my view, Sacred Geometry is a “simplified” description of what I create, a singling out of one familiarity from the whole. When one three dimensional element enters the realm it affects the whole. Moving and altering all others, causing yet another wave of effect first on the viewer then on their relations.

With the first stone begins the cause. With this one stone, all other possibilities are set in motion. This first stone and all which follow are not of my control nor preconception. The knowing of each stone, its location and its orientation is fully intuitive. The flowing lines, even though rising and coming back down upon themselves are are all created on a horizontal plane. Patterns only becoming fully formed when all the stone has risen to the same parallel. The effect is as impactful on myself as it is on the viewer. As I experience the evolution of the piece through its development, I become aware of its effect. Often taking me far longer than the viewers to fully comprehend its completed state, usually years before I can take it in for what it is.         

In 2009 my life was ever changed when I met my wife and soulmate Naomi. Her love, talent, intuitive gifts and remarkable healing abilities fulfilled a lifelong wish of happiness and companionship. Inspired by our deep friendship, artistic prowess and shared visions, we founded Ancient Art of Stone. Through this extraordinary and awe-inspiring collaboration we have forged a deep legacy of meaningful stone artworks, uplifting our unique and cherished clientele. We help people find balance, wholeness and connection through creating soulful stonework in our Vancouver Island studio.

I am deeply passionate about creating something intimately powerful for our clients,
a channeled reflection of their soul.
Andreas Kunert

Naomi Kunert

B.F.A. Stone Artist

I grew up on sacred lands on the prairies of Saskatchewan. My home was next to a Christian church & stone grotto and a natural spring where people would visit on pilgrimages for healing. I saw firsthand many miracles and how Creator can heal through faith & nature.

Our front yard flowed into a big valley pasture where in distant times, the Plains Cree gathered in summer. I was mystified by finding ancient arrow heads and stone circles left behind from tipis and ceremonies. With the Earth keeping her secrets, my curiosity and wild imagination connected me to this land and the mysterious healing nature of stone.

My artistic creativity always yearned to create the beauty I saw in the world. My journey in art blossomed at the University of Saskatchewan, where I graduated with Great Distinction in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 2000, with High Honours in Sculpture and Extended Media. With my artistic gifts, I hoped to touch people’s lives on a grand scale.

My life shifted when at the age of 27, I was forced to find ways to heal from cancer. I sought out First Nation Medicine People, who assisted me through shamanic ceremonies and plant medicine. My dear Elders opened my mind and soul to Creator’s Great Spirit through nature to find necessary healing and guidance through indigenous Ceremonies and dreaming. I began learning ancient and modern ways of healing. I practice internationally as a transpersonal therapist and spiritual guide with over 20 years of experience in successfully empowering clients to overcome physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma. My unique approach unites practical and proven methods in the field of neuroscience with principles of quantum physics, blending with it the natural laws of healing practiced and preserved by earth’s oldest ancestral cultures; a complementing synthesis of the ancient and modern integrative ways of healing.

However, meeting Andreas in 2009, I discovered that together we are woven by a great love for each other. Our life and work together is sacred in love, healing and creativity. Andreas and I are passionate about creating legacy stone installations for amazing people. We hope to inspire a renewed connection to the Earth through the spirit of the Stone in a time of great need; we trust our Soulful Artworks convey this truth.

Inspired Art and the art of healing is one and the same. There is no separation.Naomi Kunert