Naomi Kunert, B.F.A.

Artist, Therapeutic Teacher, Intuitive Channel

Ever since I was a young girl growing up on the prairies of Saskatchewan, I have always been fascinated with art & archaeology. Our front yard flowed into a big valley pasture where in distant times, the Plains Cree gathered in summer. I was mystified by the stone circles and ancient artifacts that we found meters from our home.

I was the seventh child of eleven, which was both a joyous and chaotic family experience. We had many great storytellers and jokesters in our family, and all sorts of myth and mystery around the haunted house we had moved into a year before my arrival into the world. There were many personalities and intelligent creative people contained in a comparatively small home, where music and song were our binding and harmonizing agent.

I was always highly creative in the arts as a young child. I continued exploring my love of the fine arts in post-secondary education and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2000, with a major in sculpture and extended media. Graduating with Great Distinction and a Distinguished Exhibition.

Andreas and I are passionate about creating legacy stone installations for amazing people. Our life and work together is sacred in love, healing and creativity. We come together to build and renew our connectivity to the Earth in a time of great change. Our partnership allows not just our own consciousness to expand and raise but the consciousness of us all through our creative expression in our pieces and our beautiful connection to the natural world.

Therapeutic Teacher – Ancient Voice

“The one thing that has real value for me is life, a life purified and made luminous by those who understand that the reason for their presence on earth is to work to make their whole being a reflection of the divine world.”
~ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov ~