Andreas Kunert

International Artist, Master Stone Mosaicist, Visionary & Channel

I am Andreas… For the last twenty years I have worked professionally with stone. My relationship with stone precedes even this work, for while I was born in Montreal, my family moved to Vermont, near The Rock of Ages Granite Quarry. Images of the great stones that I saw as a child are still etched in my mind.

Stones have always been in my life, calling me to places all over the world, from the Sahara Desert to the top of the Swiss Alps, from bottom of the Grand Canyon to the shores of Australia. I am passionate to give stone an articulated form. This involves finding the right stones –  listening – bringing these ones home, to my work, to my installations. Where they speak to me again. Telling me which one is first, and which one is to be last. And so my pieces grow from the visions in my mind and the spirit of the stone I discovered in nature.

My involvement in private and public commissions on Vancouver Island and further afield have provided a legacy of built work that is consistent, recognizable and durable. Working with clients and design professionals such as landscape architects and structural engineers I am careful to incorporate professional direction so that the art is safe, beautiful and responsible.

It has been through my relationship with Naomi, whom is both a gifted artist and an accomplished healer, that I have begun to see the whole. I am now able to accept my gifts and abilities as a channel, visionary and artist that grant me access to the pure creative essence reflected in nature and us all.

I am deeply passionate about creating something intimately powerful for my clients, something I feel is a channeled reflection of their soul. I am always very inspired by meeting and getting to know new clients, while enjoying continued connection with some long after the projects are complete. I am a conduit giving shape in stone to the visions and dreams that assist us to remember our greater purpose and connection to the whole.

You must seek the impossible, the unattainable. Only this can insight you to further progress, to constant growth.
~ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov ~