A Legacy in Stone… The Artistry of Andreas Kunert

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A Legacy in Stone... The Artistry of Andreas Kunert

An excerpt from the prologue:

I am delighted to have being given this opportunity to introduce the book A Legacy in Stone and share with you my appreciation for the inspirational and innovative work of Andreas Kunert. He is one of my favorite contemporary artists who has chosen natural stones and pebbles as a medium. Not only does he create beautiful works of art and installations, he also uses stones and pebbles as a means of expressing his love for nature and an appreciation for the beauty of the media in its natural and raw state.

What attracts me to Kunert’s art is the way his works and installations reflect a deep understanding and an extensive working knowledge of these natural materials. He is a visionary who can appreciate what they offer when used to create exciting art works. A Legacy in Stone, a pictorial insight into his creative world, is an opportunity for us all to gain an insight into his art.

Luis Laso Casas
Torielló, Asturias, Spain

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Andreas & Naomi

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