Welcome to the Ancient Art of Stone website. Our business is to consult, design, build & create timeless dynamic functional art forms for private and public spheres in the medium of stone. We work collaboratively with both professional and private clients in the fields of architecture, construction, city planning or within the privacy of a home environment.

Our products are built to last for both interior and exterior applications, they are sustainable and many can be shipped fully built and assembled directly to your home or project. We use materials that are quarried or recycled and local to our area when possible, while some accent pieces featured within our creations are from global sources. Every creative piece is one of a kind and naturally through its form is connected to the great spiral, the ebb and flow of life.

Our creative inspiration flows directly from nature and the pure simple forms and rhythms that are inherent within the creative forces of the Earth and Universe. Our medium is stone which is both ancient, timeless and permanent. All of our most ancient sites around the world are built from stone and contain an immortal, timeless and mysterious quality connected to the truth, power and flow of nature; what is known today as sacred geometry.

Our intention is to re-awaken the spirit and wisdom of the ancient world; to renew peoples consciousness and awareness through our creative works of art; to create sacred spaces to help us remember; to feel our innate connection to the creative forces within us and in nature; to bring honor, respect and sustainability to all conscious and sentient beings.

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.“ ~ Robert Bresson